„KONTRABASISTA” według Rogacewicza
KONTRABASISTA („The double bass”)

It takes courage and personality to face a monodrama  that has been played for many seasons by a well-known actor Jerzy Stuhr. The actor of the MASK theater , Krzysztof Rogacewicz, decided to take that risk – staged "Bassist" by Patrick Süskind translated by Anna Gierlinski) and was able to convince the audience. The Monodrama was directed by Krzysztof Pulkowski. It is a story of a musician, who in the hierarchy of the orchestra is at the bottom, and he is experiencing unrequited love. Krzysztof Rogacewicz uses his own stage language , with humor and lyrical note. With the passage of minutes the actor is attracting increasing attention of the audience, hypnotized by the story of bassist. The play has well thought over structure. There is no accidental gesture, motion, pause. The creators made sure the performance is comprehensible. The action takes place in a small room in which the hero, musician, raises his demons to finally deal with them. - That's the kind autopsychoanalysis. Thanks to which after such a day the musician could go to everyday plowing without the burden that would forbid him to be a decent craftsman – betrays the secrets of working on a monodrama the director after the premiere in informal talks . Before the premiere  Krzysztof Rogacewicz said that he hopes  everyone will find a part of themselves in the protagonist. Listening to the conversations of the premiere audience, we can conclude that his dream came true. Because demons sometimes wake up in each of us  and we have the feeling that we are exactly not at the place, which we dreamed of".

review by Malgorzata Potoczak-Pelczynska in Nowiny Jelenia Gora


THE BEST MALE ROLE - 15. Festival of Monodrama ALBAMONO 2018 - Albania

THE Special Prize of Festival - 8. Festival LUDI 2018 - Russia

(THE DOUBLE BASS) by Patrick Süskind


The performance was put on with the support of the City Hall of Jelenia Gora as part of the jubilee of the 20th anniversary of Mask Theatre.
We hope that our staging is a successful attempt to establish emotional contact with the audience, an attempt to induce empathy, but without pain.
We present everyman honestly and earnestly lest the time spent watching the play is the time lost.
The show is an intriguing and attention focusing auto psychodrama. Sometimes it is scary, but also funny. Our hero wakes up demons and fights them with mastery. He spreads out a peacock's tail in front of us, but ... "with a bit of timidity". He is flirtatious and touchingly hesitant, because he is 50% male, 50% female and 50% child, thus he is  very "modern", maybe even "European"... I think.
Our bass player is a little good, a little bad ... He's like we are.

Krzysztof Rogacewicz
Graduated from the State Drama School in Wroclaw, in 1991.
In 1992-95 actor of Animation Theater in Jelenia Gora. Since 1995 the actor of Mask Theatre in Jelenia Gora.

In 2005 won the Silver Key award  for his role in the play "Pastoral" by Titus Czyzewski.
Winner BEST INTERNATIONAL SHOW 2016 on UNITED SOLO FESTIVAL in New York – the biggest monodrama festival in the world.

He appeared in several feature films including "The Collector," "Ballad of a quiet man," and in the Hungarian film production based on the novel by Stanislaw Lem "1". He played roles in episodes of several television series.


Krzysztof Pulkowski - director, screenwriter, producer, actor, philologist and independent artist. He studied directing at the Film and Television Department of the Silesian University in Katowice and Polish Philology at the University of Wrocław.

Produces films (Lions Westerplatte, Zadyma Miło¶ci, 7 Wonders of Lower Silesia, The Second Coming, Mages, Spaces of dreams, Concert), series (Clan, Worth to Love), TV shows (TV News, As Dama Walet), music videos, theater performances (Harold's lover Pinter, Paula Barza's Dinner on Four Hands, Letter by Aleksander Fredro, Patrick Süskind's Double Bass by Krzysztof Rogacewicz - this performance was honored in 2016 with the award of the Best International Show at United Solo, in New York. It also executes campaigns and advertising spots. As an actor, he was in the Mystery Theater ensemble who worked on the method of Jerzy Grotowski.




The Actor & Director Prizes - 3. International Festival of Interbalkan Theatre 2018 - Athens GREECE